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E-Mount adaptor for A-mount lens

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Use A-mount lenses on your Super 35mm APS-C sensor E-mount camcorder

With the LA-EA2 E-mount lens adaptor, you can make the best of your A-mount lens collection and enjoy continuous auto focus for clear shots every time. The LA-EA2 is compatible with Sony E-mount camcorders such as the NEX-FS700R/RH NEX-FS-100E/EK and NEX-EA50H.

  • A-mount compatibility

    Enjoy even more flexibility with your compact E-mount camera. Use your wide range of A-mount lenses on the E-mount body for pro-shots with compact ease.

  • Ideal for Super 35mm APS-C sensors

    The LA-EA2 is fully compatible with the Super 35mm Exmor™ CMOS sensors of NEX-FS700R/RH and NEX-FS-100E/EK and APS-C HD CMOS sensor of NEX-EA50H.

  • Stay focused whatever the action

    The lens adaptor works with your camera's auto focus to maintain consistent image sharpness in footage and stills, even when the object is moving.

  • Phase-detection AF (auto focus)

    The LA-EA2 uses phase-detection AF.

  • Power supplied by camera body

    No additional batteries required.

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