Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • ODS-D280F
  • ODS-D280U

Notice to Owners of Optical Disc Archive Drive Unit “ODS-D280U” and “ODS-D280F”
Firmware Version Update to V2.200 or later version

Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

Please be informed that Drive firmware version V2.200 for the ODS-D280U and ODS-D280F is now available.

When Optical Disc Archive 2nd generation cartriges ODC3300R are used, on rare occasions ODS-D280U/F with earlier versions of firmware installed may fail to read out part of the recorded data.

V2.200 or later version firmware correct the problem.

Affected model
ODS-D280U, ODS-D280F

Affected serial number
ODS-D280U SYM : 0100001 – 0100362, 0101001 – 0101460
ODS-D280F SYM : 0100001 – 0100197, 0101006 – 0101126
ODS-D280U CN7 : 0500001 – 0500130, 0501001 – 0501050
ODS-D280F CN7 : 0500001 – 0500105, 0501001 – 0501088

How to identify the applicable model and serial number
The affected model and the serial number can be identified by looking at the label on the rear of the drive unit.

Update procedure

  • ODS-D280U
    Visiting the following URL, download and install Optical Disc Archive Software version 4.3.0 or later into your Windows/Mac/Linux computer.
    Update Drive firmware to V2.200 or later on the Device window of the Optical Disc Archive Utility.
    For the ODS-D280U connected to the PWS-100TD1, please contact your local Sony service center for update.
  • ODS-D280F
    The firmware is part of the ODS-L30M firmware package. Please contact your local Sony service center for update.