Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • PXW-FS7M2

Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

Sony is offering a system software update for XDCAM Memory Camcorder “PXW-FS7M2” and “PXW-FS7M2K”.

Applicable models

XDCAM Memory Camcorder “PXW-FS7M2” and“PXW-FS7M2K”.

Applicable system software version

Ver.1.00 or earlier
(Please visit the “PXW-FS7M2_ Update_manual” pdf file to check the system software version installed on your product.)
After updating, the system software version will be “Ver.1.10”.


Contents of update

Support for proxy video simultaneous recording with CBK-WA100(sold separately)