Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • VPL-VW500ES

This firmware updates the system software in order to bring these new features to the projector:
1.) System Control Compatibility (Crestron Connected / Control4 SDDP)
2.) Gamma adjustment from external command
3.) Network Management Mode
4.) Input Lag Reduction
5.) IPv6 Setting 
Please read installation instructions before updating the software.
1.) Power off the projector.
2.) Make sure no other USB device is connected to the projector before starting the update.
3.) Insert the USB storage device containing the update folder into USB port of the projector.
4.) Power on the projector. The update process starts automatically.
      CAUTION: Do not remove the USB device or turn off the projector during the udate process.
5.) When the update is finished, the projector will automatically restart to complete the update process.