Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • PXW-FS5
  • PXW-FS5K


1.) Sony is offering a system software update for XDCAM Camcorder “PXW-FS5” and “PXW-FS5K”. 

[Applicable model] 
XDCAM Camcorder “PXW-FS5”, “PXW-FS5K” 

[Applicable system software version] “Ver.2.00” or earlier. 
(Please visit the download page to check the system software version installed on your product.) 
After updating, the system software version will be “Ver.3.00”. 

[Contents of update] 
1.    MPEG HD recording/playback (“CBKZ-SLMP” (sold separately) is required).
2.    Remote Commander(“RM-30BP”) is now supported.