Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • XDS-1000
  • XDS-PD1000
  • XDS-PD2000

1.) Support of the inter-media copy of the Camera Meta and the GPS data. The GPS data can be superimposed on VANC of playback output.
2.) Addition of  “MENU023: LOCAL KEY MAP”.  The option of  “map” is added to MENU006. When it is set to ”map”, the valid/invalid of each key on the front panel can be set by MENU023 individually in REMOTE mode.
3.) MENU109: FORCED EE WHEN MEDIA UNLOAD. The selection of PB/EE on VTR mode can be fixed to PB even if the PD is not inserted.
1.) A Clip created by XDS series cannot be edited by PDW-F1600.
2.) The XDS unit may hang up when generating the thumbnail by the beginning part of the clip, which is being created by partial chasing copy, based on the request of the Net-API client application or the SOAP application.
3.) Audio noise can be heard when replaying a clip created by PWS-4400 in XAVC-Intra (59.94i) mode, on the SxS card by XDS series.
This s/w can only be installed on units with Package V1.24 or higher. If XDS is running a lower version, please upgrade to Version 1.24 first.