Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • PDW-700
  • PDW-F800
  • PMW-500
  • PMW-TD300
  • PMW-EX1
  • PMW-EX1R
  • PMW-EX3
  • PMW-F3K
  • PMW-F3L

The XMPilot Import Utility software gives the follow functionailiy to the XMPilot system for importing and organising content in Apple’s Final Cut Pro 7: 

1.) Finding Planning Metadata files on one or more media volumes 
2.) Parsing and acquiring clip information from Planning Metadata and XDCAM metadata 
3.) Importing material into the destination directory set using XDCAM Transfer 
4.) Creation an FCP prodject or bin named using the “Title” element value in Planning Metadata 
5.) Creating a folder structure under the new project or bin based on the shot categories of clips 
6.) Inserting clips in the relevant folder within the file structure 
7.) Naming clips according to the user’s preferances, including the use of various metadata values 
8.) Setting various FCP metadata tags according to the user’s preferences, including the use of various metadata values. 
1.) Sony XDCAM Transfer (v2.13 or later) 
2.) Apple Final Cut Pro v7