Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • PMW-EX30

New Features and Improvements

Usable media:
– XQD memory card series added (with XQD ExpressCard Adapter QDA-EX1)

– For restoration of media recorded with this unit, be sure to use this unit. Media recorded with a device other than this unit or with another unit of diff erent version (even of the same model) may not be restored using this unit.
– High-speed playback may not be properly achieved.
– Slow Motion recording by the Slow & Quick Motion recording function cannot be made.
– Not all XQD memory cards are guaranteed to work with this camcorder. For compatible memory cards, contact your Sony dealer.

NOTE: Please read the installation manual carefully before starting the update. If your PMW-EX30 has no USB connector (as described in the installation note) on the upper panel please contact your local Sony Authorised Service Centre to update your PMW-EX30.