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Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • SLS-1A

Sony is offering Speaker data (EASE4.4/EASE5-FE/EASE Focus 3 GLL) for SLS-1A

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[Applicable software version]
– Speaker data (EASE4.4/EASE5-FE/EASE Focus 3 GLL): Ver 1.00

・There are two main sets of SLS-1A GLL data available for EASE Focus and EASE, one for Sony's Line-Array Speaker Manager and one for FIRmaker3D.

Each has a horizontal and vertical placement. The GLL data for horizontal placement is a separate GLL data depending on the number of modules. There is only one type of GLL data for vertical placement

   1. For Sony’s line-Array Speaker Manager

  2. For  FIRmaker3D