Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • XDCA-FX9

The latest Version has been released.
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[Applicable model]
Solid State Memory Camcorder  “PXW-FX9”, “PXW-FX9K“ and Extension Unit for FX9 camera “XDCA-FX9“.

[Applicable system software version]
Ver.2.11 or earlier
Ver.2.20 or earlier
 (Please visit “Version” page to check the system software version installed on your product.) After updating, the system software version will be “Version Number : Ver.3.00”, “Ext. Unit Ver. No. : Ver.2.20”.

The installation/upgrading procedure manual is included in the zipped download file with main firmware module. The process takes approximately 40 minutes. The processing continues even if the display appears to have stopped, so do not turn off the unit until the estimated time has elapsed.

[Contents of update]
Refer to the Release Notes for details.
- Added imager scan mode selection options
- S700 protocol is supported via Ethernet
- Auto focus function improvements
- Status screen function improvements
- Camera ID + Reel# format file naming is supported
- De-squeeze display in the viewfinder is supported
- Simple SDR viewfinder display is supported when shooting in HDR
- Extended proxy file metadata information
- Recording and chunk file transfer of proxy files is supported
- Simple C3 Portal connection using C3 Portal App

[IMPORTANT]: Installation of firmware is at owner’s risk - please refer to our terms & conditions for details. Prior to installation always read installation instructions.