Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • HDRC-4000

SR Live MetaFile
The HDRC-4000 HDR converter unit performs HDR<->SDR conversions within Sony’s SR Live production workflow. 
The parameter settings for each conversion, including SR Live Metadata, can be saved within the HDRC-4000 or stored
on external USB memory as an SR Live MetaFile (.srm) file. 

SR Live MetaFiles can be shared between multiple devices using the file transfer function of an MSU (Master Set-Up Unit)
or via the USB memory storage.  The files can be used to store a production team’s preferred conversion parameters,
or to apply a pre-set value for each parameter.

The SR Live MetaFiles provided here contain a selection of pre-set values that have been optimized  for use within
an SR Live workflow. They can be used for the efficient configuration of equipment for a real-world production, or as
the basis of a workflow test prior to a live event.

SR Live 3D-LUT
Sony has created a set of 3D-LUT (.cube) files for use in HDR <-> SDR conversion equipment within an SR Live workflow.
The SR Live 3D-LUT files can be used within an HDR production chain to convert a program output from HDR to SDR,
or when assessing image quality using an SDR picture monitor.
Users can select either a “Standard” or a choice of “Versatile” settings.  The “Versatile” settings provide a degree of
control over the dispersion of brightness in the HDR signal.

Please use products that are compatible with SR Live Metadata when variable setting changes and/or more precise controls are needed.