Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • XDCA-FX9


Regarding the software of Solid State Memory Camcorder "PXW-FX9 / PXW-FX9K Ver 2.00" released on September 10, it appears that horizontal noise may be noticed at FF crop 5K scanning mode when the automatic distortion compensation is active.

Although we stopped providing this v2.00 software when we confirmed this event, we are now able to provide countermeasure v2.01 software.
Customers who have already updated to the applicable v2.00 software are requested to update the countermeasure v2.01 software.

[Applicable model]
Solid State Memory Camcorder  “PXW-FX9”, “PXW-FX9K“ and Extension Unit for FX9 camera “XDCA-FX9“.

[Applicable system software version]
Ver.2.00 or earlier
 (Please visit the download page to check the system software version installed on your product.)
After updating, the system software version will be “Ver.2.01”. 

The installation/upgrading procedure manual is included in the zipped download file with main firmware module.

[Contents of update]
Refer to the Release Notes for details.
- Added recording format selection options
- User 3D LUT support
- RAW output support
- High Dynamic Range (HDR) support
- Added frame rate options for Slow & Quick Motion
- Expansion of ISO/Gain configurable range
- AF function improvements
- Support for changing settings from the status screen
- 6G SDI output support
- Audio function improvements
- USB tethering support
- Iris T value support
- Password security enhancements
- Image quality improvements in S35 2K imager scan mode

[IMPORTANT]: Installation of firmware is at owner’s risk - please refer to our terms & conditions for details. Prior to installation always read installation instructions.