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InterVideo WinDVD Patch (for Spanish VAIO Models)

This patch will change the user interface (UI) of WinDVD ver. to show menus in the correct localized language on VAIO models listed here below that are pre-installed with a Spanish operating system.
Download and Installation Instructions
1.Download the file4.0B11.73_Spanish_Patch.exe, and save it to a download directory. (Please note this directory for reference.)
2.Go the download directory, and double-click4.0B11.73_Spanish_Patch.exeto start the installation.
3.ClickOKat the "Patch is successfully installed" message.

Información de archivo

Nombre de archivo

  • WinDVD_patch_401173_Sp.exe

Arquitectura de archivos

  • 32 bit

Tamaño de archivo

  • 1.02 Mb

Fecha de lanzamiento

  • 99-12-2003