Patch for PictureGear 4.0

Software update for Sony VAIO notebook computers:

This patch is for all VAIO`s that come with PictureGear 4.0 installed.















for All languages.

This procedure allows you to use the keyword search feature from PictureGear 4.0 properly. Please follow the instruction carefully to avoid any problem during the download and installation process

1. Problem

When you choose a picture, right click on it, select file information, click on the keyword tab, add content in all the keyword and comment boxes, click apply, then click OK. This works the first time, when you try it on a 2nd or 3rd picture it gives an error message. Sometimes it gives a problem after 5 or 6 pictures.

The error you will get is the following error.

"Microsoft Visual c++ runtime library

Runtime error!

Program : C:\ Program Files\Sony\Picturegear\Picgear.exe

Abnormal program termination".

This causes an illegal operation and PictureGear shuts down. When you restart PictureGear and try to add info to a picture again it comes up with the same error.

Reinstalling PictureGear doesn"t solve the problem. First time it will work, after that it comes up with the same error.

It also draw my attention that this error only happens when you use a keyword that is already in the list.

For ex., if you have 2 pictures of flowers you could use "Flower" as keyword 1. If you put in "Flower" as keyword 1 for the first picture, there will be no problem. But if you want to use "Flower" as keyword 1 for the 2nd picture, and you select it from the list, click apply and click OK, then you`ll get the error.

Tests has sown that when typing in keywords that were not in the lists (give in new keywords), then the problem didn`t occur, not even after 10 to 15 pictures.

2. Solution

The error is caused by the file "pic40e.mdb" which is a database file keeping all the used keywords.

Replacing this file with the one provided will solve the problem.


1. Make sure you log -on as Administrator.

2. Make a directory called Pgpatch40 on your harddisk C:.

3. Copy the provided file to this directory.

4. Open the Windows Explorer.

- Go to C:\Program files\Sony\PictureGear\.

- Select the file "pic40e.mdb" and delete it. This will delete all the keywords you already put in.

- Copy "pic40e.mdb" from C:\Pgpatch\ to C:\Program files\Sony\PictureGear\.

- Shut down and restart your VAIO.


Please read the following carefully. Sony Corporation will not be responsible for any problems caused by customer"s improper operation when customers did not follow the below instructions.

1. Make sure to follow the instruction correctly in this program.

2. This program is only for the above stated Sony VAIO notebooks.

3. This program is protected by the property rights. Customers are not allowed to deliver a copy, or use in a way Sony does not determine.

4. Sony Corporation is not responsible for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly

from using this program.

Sony, VAIO and the VAIO logo are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.

Microsoft, MS, MS-DOS, Windows and the Windows logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.

Información de archivo

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  • pic40e.mdb

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  • 32 bit

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  • 154 Kb

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  • 15-59-2003