BIOS Q0a - R2111Q0

What is this?
BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System.
It refers to a piece of firmware which is run when powered on. Its primary functions are to identify and initiate component hardware, and to prepare the computer so that other programs can load.

Is this relevant for you?
This is a BETA version, which should only be installed if your VAIO generates a high pitched noise.

What does it fix?
This BIOS version disables the power state in which this high pitched noise is generated.
Take into account that there is no rollback version of this BIOS, so it cannot be undone.

How do I perform this update?
1. Exit all running programs.
2. Download this update and save it to your hard drive.
3. When the download is completed, locate the downloaded file in the location you specified.
4. Double-click EP0000164022.exe to run it.
5. Wait while the wizard updates your software.
6. When the installation is complete, restart the VAIO.

Información de archivo

Nombre de archivo

  • EP0000164022.exe

Arquitectura de archivos

  • 32 bit

Tamaño de archivo

  • 1022.49 Kb

Fecha de lanzamiento

  • 31-10-2008