Modelo afectado

Esta información es para los siguientes modelos:

  • ODS-D280U
  • ODS-D380F
  • ODS-D55U
  • ODS-D77F
  • ODS-D77UA
  • PMW-F5
  • PMW-F55
  • SBAC-T40
  • HXR-MC2500
  • PMW-320K
  • PMW-320L
  • PMW-350K

A powerful clip management for the latest portfolio of Sony camcorders and decks such as CineAlta, SR, XDCAM and NXCAM.
The complex world of media production requires powerful media management. Catalyst Browse, a cross-platform viewing and logging tool for all Sony Pro formats, offers streamlined media management that simplifies your workflow and secures your content.
Catalyst Browse is a cross-platform media assistant that lets you browse files from your device with detailed views of individual clips; see and edit media metadata; use source color space for accurate viewing, and view your media with color correction and color looks. Once you’ve selected the clips you need, you can copy them to a local device or cloud service, transcode to a variety of formats, and create, ingest, and export Sony Professional Disc clip lists.